About me

My story

My name is Dajana Rodriguez and creating leather products has become my passion and my work. I am currently finishing up my studies in Fine Arts. I am an ambitious young woman who loves fashion and art. These two passions came together and created the brand and company I have today. Everything began after High School when I needed a new handbag. I decided, along with my mother, to create one. We knew how to sew so we were not scared to try it. Thanks to our family company in which my father used to sew leather jacket in the 90's, we had all of the necessary components to make it happen. It was difficult and it took a long time, but we did it nonetheless. Once I started wearing it, I received a lot of praise and compliments from my friends which made me truly happy. As a matter of fact when one of my friends found out I made it myself, she wanted me to create one for her as well. This trend continued and soon we were selling more and more. Our production expanded, we created new models, started buying new materials and machines and slowly but surely, five years later, our company DR has grown into what it is today.

With the help of my whole family, we now produce and sell handbags around the world. I am very happy that I can continue in my family’s tradition of creating leather products. Everything I create is original and unique. Every new design is different from the previous one and I devote my full attention and care to each one. Everyday experiences influence my creations and design and even though I am a young woman, my goal is to create universal handbags that are not limited to a certain style or age range. We offer classic and timeless pieces as well as original and unique one-of-a-kind handbags.

Every one of our products passes through the hands of each person that works here. Handmade is not just a slogan we use, but a philosophy that we all live by. In a world that is saturated with fakes and products of low quality, where everything is automated and done by machines, you can be sure that every product you purchase from us was made in Slovakia, with the help of traditional machines and human hands. We make a variety of products, some of which are embroidered or hand painted with high quality materials. Every one of these special designs is created and produced by myself personally.

I also write a blog created entirely by me. This includes all of the pictures of handbags that I photograph with my friends or family, so the whole process is very personal. From the design of the handbag, through the creation, all the way to the sale, we do it all ourselves. We are truly a family business with a few employees, which aims to create the best and most beautiful products.

We grow every single day, not just as a business, but as people. Thanks to all of our amazing customers, I can follow my dreams and do what I love. I have established friendships with many of my customers that have lasted for years, for which I am very thankful. It is not all about handbags; it’s about people, about us - women and men who want to give their other half something extraordinary and unique. This brand will never strive to be just a company. There will always be ordinary human beings behind it, with a personal approach.


In the beginning it was just an idea; there was ambition, but it was just a dream. Gradually I began to figure out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to focus my time. I started to discover myself and my sense of style. I was growing and my brand was too. We evolved and grew together. Along the way came tough times, but they were replaced by much better ones. Throughout this whole process my family stood by my side and supported me through everything. Thanks to them I now have my brand, a functioning company and as of today my own office along with a beautiful and luxurious store. We started out in a small old space with heat from only a radiator. Back then this was all a dream and a desire. I have dreamt about this store for the past five years. I designed it over and over again, thought about it constantly, and now it’s here. It’s real, it’s beautiful, and it’s mine...