Stories about my life and my creations

Meet: Nina

The second handbag I would like to introduce to you is one of your newest and currently highly demanded models – Nina.

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Meet: Adriana

I have decided to begin a series of articles, where I will introduce one our models in detail. I will explain the basic functions but of course revival some interesting details. I would like to bring into picture individual models oh handbags and provide you with more information, some of which will be from behind the scenes.

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Two variations in one summer day

Since summer is in full swing, I started wearing more skirts & dresses, as well as combining various different colors - even warmer ones, which are less typical for me.

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INSPIRATION: One outfit, three bags

All of my previous articles focused on one handbag paired with one outfit. This time I decided to make a change and show you how to style various handbags with the same apparel and present different ways of combining clothes and bags depending on your current needs.

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Out to town

This heading means something different to everybody. Some people go to town in sneakers, others in high heels. I am exactly the type of person who fits into both categories. It all depends on my mood, season, and weather.

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Wedding day

Weddings, balls and proms all call for the perfect outfit...

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